Safe Bike Routes Made Easy
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Ride the City maps the best or safest urban bicycle route from point A to B. Presently featuring multi-lingual maps from New York, Chicago, Austin, Louisville, San Diego, and Seattle. Their blog posts updates about new cities added to the grid, or other topics relating to urban bicycling.
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For Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI, see
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iPhone app forthcoming?
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Poor piratebowling was nearly killed by a coworker trying to get around Philadelphia! Someone add Philly to the list, stat! We can't lose piratebowling!
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Hey, they stole my idea!

Wait ... is there any way for users to suggest their own routes and then vote on the best?

OK, I still got an idea!

I think my Louisville routes are a lot quicker (and possibly safer - ever ridden on Westport Rd?!) than some of their suggestions.
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This is great! I just wish there was a way for users to add routes. But I guess it's still in beta.
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Los Angeles, please!
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Why didn't they use openstreetmap and automatically get all bike routes, rather than just these few cities?
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for UK see
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This is great! Thanks!

I'm surprised that Google Maps doesn't already do this. My idea is a similar thing for pedestrians, except instead of "safer" I want "quicker"; I want a route where I can take shortcuts across parking lots, etc. Probably not worth the effort, but I would use it.
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Well, they still try to take me down a step street near my house, despite emailing them about this problem a few months ago.

Step street: that's about eight flights of stairs. Yes, you can do that with a bicycle, but is that a reasonable route?
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Wow, it really doesn't work for Queens. Instead of using streets with bike lanes, it suggests streets that are much heavier trafficked, and without dedicated bike lanes.
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Looks like in DC your best bet is still either WABA's commuter routes Googlemap or their list of subregional and destination maps.

A shout out too for giving away free bike lights yesterday...WABA is so the awesome.
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Minneapolis has Cyclopath, which is rather more complicated but has a lot more features. Try it, even if you don't live there!
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San Francisco Bicycle Route Planner (self link)
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This is possibly the most useful thing I've ever found on Metafilter, so thank you!
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