Answer Yes or No and don't lie. Do you blame the society?
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Answer Yes or No and don't lie. Do you blame the society? If you answer yes to this and 39 other questions (Do you believe in bad eye?), you may qualify to donate $40 to $39,000 to Saeid Yomtobian and "your life will turn into a positive mode immediately because of your decision to bond with the universe." The man who brings you is looking for a little help in his mission to "promote the message of peace Through out the world." You can also find the site via some of its alternate urls, including,,, and many more. Don't miss this crazy story about his meeting with the Dalai Lama from the man who registered for a beastiality site. Would the man who pledged to me that he would "continue to fight until all the injustices and corruptions come to stop" really be responsible for an strangely brilliant ad banner scam? Maybe, maybe not. At least his weird sex education school is only $39.99 a month! Indeed, the internet life of Saeid Yomtobian is a complicated and mysterious one.
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I neglected to mention that all links posted above are safe for work, as imposing as the domain names might be. Has anyone else ever heard of this guy?
posted by ztt at 2:45 AM on June 27, 2001

Tenacious little cuss, you gotta give `im that.
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Um. This isn't memepool, ya know.
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"I have more computing power than most small countries," Bozwell said, bragging Thursday of a homemade machine with two modems and about 20 gigabytes of hard drive space, which means Bozwell can store information equivalent in size to 1,024 floppy disks.

Can someone tell me whether the Missouri Digital News does irony or not? I mean that would have to be a very small country.
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TWO modems? TWENTY gigabytes? Damn. That may have been impressive in about 1995 or so. Also, they may want to get out their calculators.. 1024 x 1.44 meg = 1474.56 meg, or approximately 1.5 gigabytes. Yeah.
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Yeah, not so impressive now.
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Can anyone explain what the ad scam actually was? I'm curious...
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My favorite sex tip: Dont commit gay acts unless you are gay

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really fascinating, i can put this in my minor underworld bookmark.
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