June 27, 2001
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At his gig on Sunday, Mark Thomas did a show about the continuing repression of the Kurds in Turkey, the appalling record of torture and other human rights abuse there and in particular the building of the Ilisu Dam, a social, environmental and archaeological disaster. And we in Britain are paying for it. Hurrah.

Contrary to that article, UK Gov support for the the Dam has not been dropped. Previous (vaguely similar)MeFi thread here.

Oh and, apparantly wearing a badge can be illegal now.

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The show was very funny, by the way.

I've been distracted and haven't managed to get the links together before now.

And if it's a double post, I don't care.
posted by Grangousier at 7:56 AM on June 27, 2001

(Paragraph breaks on the front page? Ick. Use [more inside], please.)
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