There's more to it than "omit the instrumental part"
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A guide to a capella arranging from SmarterMusic, including some nice analysis of examples.
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If only William Billings had had this guide.
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(pssst... 2 p's and 2 l's in cappella)
Nice examples!
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I'm going to vocalize my response.

"Ooooooo-wop. Dooo-doooo-doooo-dot! Ooooooo-wop! La la la la la la la!"

Actually, on a serious note, I went to a production of Lohengrin this weekend that reminded me of the fact that not every musician is capable of singing a cappella. Elsa was terribly out of tune while the rest of the quintet seemed just fine in the a cappella quintet at the end of Act 1. Not that I think that most college a cappella singers could play the role of Elsa in Lohengrin... but it would be nice if Elsa had a good grip on the part, even when she didn't have an orchestra under her.
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Neat. I wonder if we should try an a capella challenge for Music some time.

(pssst... 2 p's and 2 l's in cappella)

Usage varies, OED cites both.
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The whole thing, especially the examples analysis, is wonky as all shit. Most, most excellent.

But the post's not complete without hearing one of the examples in real life.
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odoh. it's at the end of the example :*
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Cappella means "chapel" in Italian. Hence, a cappella is "as sung in the chapel, or choir".
Note plinth's correction. Spelling is especially important when the word is the topic of a post.
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Yes, sorry; the spelling mistake was just a bit careless. I hope it doesn't turn out that's the most interesting thing to talk about.
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Is this the thread where I can finally admit I have a deep, abiding love for a cappella music- its unrestrained joy and the beauty of the human voice in true harmony- without feeling a crushing shame or loss of dignity?

Because... fuck yeah, I love a cappella, and this is a great fucking link.
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Many cheers.
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I love William Billings.
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Great timing, as I've been trying to work out a piece for three female vocalists and the link covers doing just that. Great resource, and a great post.
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I am so sending this to my friends who arrange for an a cappella group. Thanks! You may have just speeded up the release of their next album.
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This brings back happy memories of a long flight to Singapore spent writing down a cappella arrangements of Motown classics for female voices.

In fact, that might have been the same trip I did some keyboard tracks for a Malaysian hip-hop group.

My life got boring at some point between then and now.
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