More than Meets the Eye
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Transformer costumes that actually transform! Now that Halloween 2009 is over, time to start your work on next year's costume. You can go DIY, or just break down and buy one.
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Sometimes you start to think that humanity is an evil stain inflicted upon the Earth and then something like this comes along. People are awesome.
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An old favourite.
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Any one of those clips contains more drama, style and humanity than both the recent Transformers films put together. Plus they contain more actual transforming goodness.
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The Optimus Prime in the second link did truly kick all kinds of ass.
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The Optimus Prime in the second link did truly kick all kinds of ass.

Yes, but it would have been a thousand times cooler if he'd come up with a way to handle the magical disappearing trailer.
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I thought my costume was pretty sweet this year, but now I know what I really want to be next year. Holy crap that's incredible.
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Oh my God.
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That DIY link is a powerful short film right there.
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Me this.
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Blast. Make that, "Me (heart) this."
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If you'd told me that these were mostly videos of people in Halloween costumes getting on the ground and lying on their faces, then I probably wouldn't have watched them. Thank you for not doing that.
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Wow, I wish I'd been at that party in the second link. Everyone was a transformer! That's how you get it on.
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The new Citroen C4. Alive with technology.

Chevy's belated answer.
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Those were very cool. I was afraid they would all be like this one.
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One bullshit aspect of the Transformers movie -- and there are, of course, many more than one, is that the Tranformations had no puzzle-like visual elegance like this. They were just made out of a million dull tiny CGI parts, that kind of nebulously morphed the robots into cars like a less advanced version of the T-1000. It was perhaps more "realistic" that way, but a lot less aesthetically enjoyable. The poor movie animators probably worked much harder with the million little metal parts, than the original animators did with the low budget cartoon, but for worse results.
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Amen dgaicun. Extra "realism" turned into zero charm. didn see the first one because of the over greeble-ization.

(As for the second one: why does a California-built SR-71 have a Scots accent and; If that robot has big metal balls, I was expecting them to be Kicked. That is all.)
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