Same Old Blues
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Morning rain keeps on falling. Freddie King's classic performed by Joanne Shaw Taylor. posted by Mike Buechel (2 comments total) 4 users marked this as a favorite
In my opinion, Freddie King is not only the very greatest among electric blues guitarists, he is also one of the greatest blues singers. If someone hadn't beaten me to it, I would have devoted an FPP to him some time ago.

As a consolation, I posted this performance of "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" on MetaChat fairly recently... just because I was so overwhelmed by its intensity.
posted by Joe Beese at 9:55 PM on November 2, 2009

Last year I heard something I thought I would never hear....a British White Girl playing blues guitar so deep and passionately it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!" (Dave Stewart/Eurythmics)

From her myspace profile.

First spotted by Stewart at age 16, the original post is her at 17 (she's now 23). According to her gig list she's playing in Europe and the States over the next couple of months. I will try to catch her later this month. Britain hasn't produced much in terms of young blues players in recent years, lets hope she has the longevity to still be doing this in 30 years time.
posted by Boslowski at 6:23 AM on November 3, 2009

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