Marriage Equality is Only a Matter of Time
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Supporters of gay-rights were dismayed last night by the defeat of a public referendum in Maine that sought to protect marriage equality. Existing strategies to overturn similar bans in other states, especially California, have now been called into question. Nevetheles, though the pace is excruciating for those forced to wait, a pair of charts posted today at The Baseline Scenario suggest that Marriage Equality really is only a matter of time.
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Maybe ought to be a part of the first thread.
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James Brown was gay?
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This two same-topic posts need to be married... Are there any Canadian MetaFilter admins that can hook them up?
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This post is better.
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Back to the post, which is very interesting . . . On a cheerier note, there is this preliminary result in Washington state.
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No, but James Brown's ghost is.
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I am against the marriage of these two same-topic posts, though I like to watch them get flagged. FLOGGED!
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