Dawn French interviews Russell Brand
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Russell Brand talks to Dawn French about comedy, revealing a peculiar and compelling intelligence apparently gleaned from TV and substance abuse. Part 1, 2, 3, 4 [YT]
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...and gleaned from the empathy that comes from successfully integrating the lessons of rehab. I've read his autobiographical 'Booky Wook' and there are some examples of very insensitive, self-absorbed and callous behaviour. Yet there's also the positive kind of introspection that makes for better empathy. He strikes me as someone who really wants to learn from life, even as he lives it to the fullest.
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When I read the post, I initially thought Dawn French was the one being interviewed, and, frankly would have preferred it that way, although I wondered what substances she might possibly have abused (and don't ANYBODY say 'food'). Oh well, Dawn asking the questions is better than nothing...
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This was part of a 2008 BBC series called "Dawn French's Boys Who Do Comedy."
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Here's the full series on Youtube
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I think Stern makes this type of interview much funnier and compelling.
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dawn french is one of the most under-appreciated comic actors out there. when she's on the mark she's really, really sharp. kind of like irish whiskey: goes down so smooth you don't realize you're getting drunk.
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I dont agree - that Vicar of Dibley thing is fuckin awful. She could go on eating Chocolate Oranges until she explodes for all i care.

With the exception of her husband, I dont think a comedian has made me laugh so little.
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I loved at least some seasons of Vicar of Dibley and the first two seasons of Chef! and I'm not afraid to admit it.
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That was really fascinating and thought-provoking. Thanks for this - I'm off to watch the rest of them now. I thought Dawn French comes across as a great interviewer - she knows her subject really well and can empathise, but she does it with a lightness of touch, rather than constantly interjecting with her own take.
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It annoys me (simply because he's so popular all of a sudden) that he can sound that intelligent, and yet he insists on this deeply unfunny, extra camp (compared to usual) and idiotic comedy.
'My booky wooky'? What the fuck, you moron? You talk about the influences Wilde had on you, and then come out with that shit?

It just makes it worse when he goes and hangs out with BNP members and I'm forced to agree so fundamentally with him.
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I watched one of Russell Brand's stand-up bits while I was on mushrooms, and it was a relevatory experience for me. In spite of (because of?) the substance, it's really endeared Brand as a cultural critic to me.
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Some of you have apparently missed the team up of Noel Fielding and Russel Brand on "The Big Quiz" revelatory indeed. I can't really stand his Stand Up, but he is genuinely funny otherwise.
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I find him refreshingly funny the way he uses language. Thanks for the post.
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Charlie Rose, eat your heart out.
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