RIP Brother Blue
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From the middle of the middle of me, to the middle of the middle of you, RIP Brother Blue, master storyteller, deep soul extraordinaire.

Brother Blue does King Lear. (5 minutes)

Super BeLive! featuring Brother Blue, from Cambridge Community Access Television. (25 minutes)
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Brother Blue. A fixture of Harvard Square. We'll miss you!
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Brother Blue was going to play King Lear in Peter Sellars' production at the Loeb Theater in 1979.
Due to sudden illness, Blue cancelled and Sellars played Lear. Many mourned Blue's absence, but that production was most memorable even without him. I'm sorry the world is forever without him now. Storytelling lives, I hope.
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Oh no! Childhood in Boston in the 1970s = Brother Blue.


[pours a poem out on curb]
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I remember him very fondly from my Boston years, 1977 to 1984. Living to age 88 ain't shabby, that's a good long life, but his passing is saddening, nonetheless... for me, it's another signal of the passing of time.

Rest in peace, Brother Blue.
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He was 85 in the King Lear video linked above. Not shabby at all.
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If you’ve spent time in Harvard Square in the past three decades or so

Rules ME out.
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You're a butterfly now, Brother.
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Also, it occurs to me that I never heard you say a bad word about any other person. It strikes me now what a fucking rarity that was in that town. You even gave the crappiest of poets some benefit for their work.
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Story time in Heaven! I knew Blue in those same 1980s... as fine a performer and teacher as any I've met. Forward, Blue!
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I miss my home town.
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I shall watch Knightriders tonite in his honor.

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I videotaped him around 1980, about an hour show on public access in Cambridge. The thing I remember most vividly was the utterly sweet relationship he had with his wife Ruth. I mean, here's this totally wild, flamboyant, sensitive storyteller, and she seemed the embodiment of well-organized, modest middle class sensibility, and they were so clearly in love and perfect for each other.
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He came to tell stories to my students and the other classes in our school just a few years ago. I'm glad I got to see him, and glad my students got to see him, as well.

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I rarely nostalge (like my new verb?) over my days on the mean streets of Harvard Square, but ok, Brother Blue, just this once.

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Oh no!!!

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Bye bye Brother Blue. I didn't know you but oh do I miss you.
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Boston Globe: Brother Blue’s story lives on for many -- "Mourners honor famed storyteller."
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