RIP Gerhardt 'Jerry' Fuchs
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Gerhardt 'Jerry' Fuchs, drummer for the bands Maserati (video) and The Juan MacLean died last night of injuries sustained while trying to jump of a disabled elevator in Brooklyn following an event for The Uniform Project (previously).
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Link to story about the incident. Fantastic obit post on Chunklet.
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Oh fuck. I just saw this guy play a couple months back. Probably one of the best drummers I'd ever seen live.

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Don't forget !!!. I met Jerry a few times when I lived in Brooklyn. Always a sweet dude. He'll be missed.
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And, before all of those other great bands, Turing Machine. I had the privilege of seeing them play several times when I lived in NYC in the early '00s, and I could just keep going back again and again because they, and he especially, were that amazing.

John Pugh from !!! described him as "a robot built by cavemen: It has extreme precision, while remaining primal and hairy." RIP, most awesome caveman robot. You'll be missed.

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Oh man, that's awful.

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This is terrible. Saw him with !!! and Juan Maclean. I believe he was slated to be in Holy Ghost's live band on their upcoming tours. Just a fucking amazing drummer.

One of the HG! guys on Jerry:

"This is the DFA/Goldsworthy way - you must suffer and work for your drums! Unless Jerry played drums. You never have to edit Jerry. I swear on my life, he is tighter than the clock on all the new MPCs. No Joke. Old MPCs - he's a close second. Best. Drummer. Ever."

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I wasn't familiar with his work, but as an avid fan of Chunklet and having read various obit posts around the net this morning, it definitely sounds like the music world lost some real talent,
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(I have been in too many sketchy Williamsburg loft elevators to count. RIP Jerry.)
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man, i just met this dude on Frenchman street the other night. The conversation, i suppose flatteringly enough, revolved around his inhumanly precise bass pedal work. Twas an honor.
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ahhhh fuck.

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I had just seen them with Mono. It was one of the greatest shows I have been to. I didn't get a chance to say it then, but if you're listening, thanks for the amazing night.
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Huh. I may be too hard on the kids on the lawn - this sad obit has turned me on to some really good music.

"." but also "well played". And jumping out of an elevator into the dark is a mythic rock-n-roll end.
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That's really too bad. Maserati is/was a great band.
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Too sad. For all the promising musicians who die young, then, now, and future.
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that sucks. my friends always say that a good drummer is hard to find.

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Gothamist's thin obit post with some additional details, and more gruesome facts on

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I feel awful for this guy's death, and for needing this post to find out about his work.
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[Fuchs replaced] the original drummer in the Athens-based band Maserati. The first drummer, Mikel Gius, also died in a tragic accident in 2005 after being hit by a car while riding his bike.

A sad story, but it's hard not to notice the short life span of drummers in Maserati.

I liked !!! and Juan MacLean. RIP.
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RIP my brother.
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Holy Ghost's obit.
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Having been steeped in the Atlanta underground/indie scene for like 20 years, I heard about Maserati pretty early on, I guess 2000 or so, and I just didn't get it. But the truth is I probably heard one song (if that) and blew them off. And ever since then I've heard of Maserati shows and just ignored them. Which makes me an ass because everything I just listened to as a result of this post was really good. I'm getting more and more into that motorik sound these days.

Having myself just recently experienced the loss of a similarly amazing and loved friend* in the local music community, my heart goes out to all of his family and friends.

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I feel awful for this guy's death, and for needing this post to find out about his work.

Seconded. Especially as a drummer who tries hard to keep track of some of the more talented timekeepers out there ... not sure how he passed me by. Based on the strength of that video alone I picked up an album by Maserati called Passages, listening to it now and its epic epic epic.

I also second the notion that death by elevator shaft is a mythic rock and roll end. Sorry if that sounds disrespectufl.
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Note: Mikel Gius was the first drummer of !!!. Not Maserati.
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My heart is truly heavy and the brain is shocked, on so many levels. Not sure what to write here. Maserati is friends, and friends of friends of mine. Also steeped in ATL/Athens music. I just saw them/him play. And this happened just up the street from my apartment. But thanks for the heads up- I have some people to check in on.

Damn it. So close to home.
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god damn that sucks. I love !!! and he was amazing to see perform. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity.
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