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Confessions of an Independent Film Maker is the video log about a Filipino guy who wants to make a feature film. After a year and a half, he's finally in production. Watch out for this guy.
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Cool, a guy acting wacky on youtube. I wish him all the best!!!!
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So he's the German version of Mark Borchardt?
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I don't know why I said German when he's Filipino. You know. Philippines, Germany.

I need to go to sleep.
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Not only will I henceforth follow his exploits religiously for the entirety of his assuredly storied career – at the expense of myriad personal relationships, which fall apart beneath the gloomy, bizarre weight of my defence of his multiple child rape charges (“Child rape has helped his art!”); and to the profound detriment of countless dining companions, who will become so glacially bored with my constant maundering over “The next Kieślowski” that they will continue eating past the meal and through the actual plate in the hopes of achieving massive oesophageal trauma – but I will even wait until the end of the obituary for a bonus scene.
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He begged for money on Youtube and got $1100 and so, THEN (and only then) his father agreed to give him the rest of the money.

I'd rather see AVGN get a budget.
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If you watched the entire series, you'd see the turmoil he goes through to get a producer, studio, etc. He didn't just "beg for money".
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I hope he makes it. At first I thought - "oh your Dad helped you out with the remainder of the money? Blah." but then he points out that his Dad took out a loan on his house - so that's not exactly the same thing.

Anyway he seems like a really driven person (in a good way) and good luck to him.
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If you're going to not like independent films because the guy's dad gave him money, better stick to blockbusters.
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He should team up with the "I'm making a Low Budget HDV Filipino Horror Movie in NYC" guy who's been all over /. the last few years, and make a Filipino zombie armageddon star-crossed lovers cross-country meetup road movie.

Or, y'know, maybe not. Because it'd have to be a hell of a movie to beat Wild Zero.
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I've seen so many of these I really didn't expect much, but he made me laugh. I remember the first project I worked on that had a proper budget we raised (enough for me to quit my job at the time), and I certainly remember how bat shit insane that moment was so I'm really happy someone else seems to be going through it. Good luck to him.
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