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A LOVE LETTER FOR YOU is a series of 29 murals visible along the westbound El in Philadelphia.

A project of the (sometimes cheesy) Mural Arts Program.
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I keep expecting one that says BURMA SHAVE.
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For some reason I put westbound when the murals in fact face both directions. Oops.
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These are awesome.
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No wonder they call it the City of (Brotherly) Love. These are great. Also, what W.C. Fields said.
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Ah, finally I can see all of these. I get off the El at 46th Street, right before these things start to pop up. I can't mentally justify taking an El ride out to 69th Street just to look at murals, though these are sharp, and pretty neat retro-looking murals.

I might be *more* inclined to take a pleasure ride on the El were it not just after a stupid transit strike.
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That's such a great project! Wish I could see something like this on my daily commute.
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That's great. And if you like that kind of thing then you really should check out the film Beautiful losers about a bunch of artists including Margret Killgallen, Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson who all do this kind of work as well. It's a really great film.

(and if you hunt for it in the UK don't be put off by the fact they're marketing it as a skate movie, it has about 30 seconds of skating in it but the distributors are morons who think it's the only way it will sell)
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I love murals (and mural-scale graffiti, too), and these were great. More cities should have large-scale projects like this -- it connects parts of the cityscape together, and creates art out of what would otherwise just be background architecture.
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Huh. I'd noticed that first one while driving around and it kind of stuck with me. I hadn't realized they were a series (despite it saying so right on the piece) because I never take the el.

They're great. Score one for Philly.
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I lived for five years in Philly. While I always thought that the mural program was great, few of the installations really grabbed me--until now.

This is a truly wonderful project. These days, can't we all use a little more love?
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SansPoint -
you should take the El out to 69th St if only to go to H Mart, Korean supermarket of my dreams. Good produce, good prepared food, good prices.

So go see the murals.

Also, the El, when they aren't doing construction and making you take the bus at random junctures, is my favorite form of SEPTA transportation. Although, when they ARE making you take shuttle buses, it is generally free at the transition from El to bus.
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knocked on your door,
legs tired, back sore
for sure
no more I swore

you smile,
I'm cured

This is lovely! Thanks for the link.
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How much better are they if they're in order?
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This one is such a sweet sentiment it damn near brought a tear to my eye.
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Dear Philly-

Sorry for giving you hell all these years. You sure do have soul.

-♥, NYC
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This makes me *almost* nostalgic for the daily slog between 69th St Station and 34th St. Almost.
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Any Philly natives, or interested hangers-on can tour these murals with a Love Letter Mural Tour put on by the Mural Arts Program (on the El, as they were made to be seen!), this Saturday, and next Saturday.

Hey, gotta pimp the Mural Arts Program, yo.
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Really nice!

It reminds me a of You Are Beautiful:
--my fave
--I like how this one kept changing (click on image to continue)
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Is there anything more uplifting than random statements of love?
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