Danish Dynamite
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The Guardian recently published a beautiful article about Danish Dynamite, the '80s Danish national soccer (football) squad. Rob Smyth and Lars Eriksen write about how the success and failure of the national team highlighted national traits that Denmark has. The writing about the matches is among the most inspired I have ever read.

In addition to the film, a documentary about the team has also been made.
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Danes are the neatest people in Europe there i said it.
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Something to listen to while reading.
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Yay, great post, thanks! Everyone here in Denmark is pretty psyched about our national football team again now that we've qualified for South Africa 2010 - and even beating Sweden in the qualifiers!
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Interestingly, this is the first time I have ever heard Rob Smtyh's writing described as inspiring.
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Of course, what is best remembered in my country about the "Danish Dynamite" was its spectacular demise in Mexico 86. On the other hand, the memories are tainted by the heartbreak of Spain's subsequent elimination in penalty kicks by the Belgian team (also known as "the best goalkeeper of all times, and ten other guys").
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This article takes me right back there. I was a danish kid travelling with my parents through the Soviet Union and China during Mexico 86 and everywhere people we met talked about Elkjær and Laudrup with genuine admiration and hope on our teams part. I still remember how watching a Mexico game at a small Hotel brought everyone together in a very real way. Guests from different parts of the world and chinese staff alike. Fundamental differences were put on pause for 90 minutes.
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