Meat is Murder is Movie
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Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home Tribe of Heart's first film, "The Witness", was an eye opening look at how one man's whole life was changed by an encounter with a kitten. Their new film, "Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home", tells the story of a group of farmers coming to grips with the realization that they can't continue to make a living from the suffering of animals.
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I'm pretty sure Lukas Haas isn't a kitten.
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I have to admit, I have not seen "The Witness", but the preview seems to be entirely about the fur industry and has nary a kitten to be seen. All the comments in the "eye opening" link above also seem to only point to it being about the fur industry. As far as I know, there is no cat fur allowed in clothing in the US. Why is this so confusing to me?
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You seemed to have skipped over Tribe of Heart's first Peaceable Kingdom film from 2004. Very moving.
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hippybear - I haven't seen it either, but I believe the point might be the connection between animals we love like dogs and cats, and trying through them, to understand the plight of animals used for fur. Also, in various countries, dogs and cats ARE used for fur, and sometimes those products even get slyly imported into the US.
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I have a feeling that my days of being a meat eater may be numbered. Thanks for the post. These look like films that need to be seen.
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I have a strong feeling these films will upset me. I forced myself to sit through Earthlings and was sociopathic for weeks.
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A friend saw this in Orlando- the entire audience was in tears apparently- but she joined us for our steaks afterwards.
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