War Photographer
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David Guttenfelder is the chief Asia photographer for The Associated Press. Recently, he has been focusing his lens in Afghanistan. Photographer Collection: David Guttenfelder in Afghanistan and On Assignment: Afghanistan.
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Theses should be numbered like The Big Picture blog so we could all comment on how much we like picture 'X' (the photo of the man with the goggle glasses).

Such a great set of photographs, thanks netbros.
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Extraordinary, powerful, sometimes iconic shots. Guttenfelder is a brave man himself: he is right on top of the action in so many of these photos.

Thank you for this post.
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I love these photos.
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Whoa! The one with the crashing helicopter is amazing.
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OT: War Photographer, a music video with robots and musical Vikings.
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Amazing photos.

And yes, it's Vietnam all over again. Declare victory and pull out now.
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Box. Boots. Rifle. Helmet.

RIP, boys.
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Thank you for the post. Great photographs.
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