The World's Largest Music Festival
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The World's Largest Music Festival starts today and runs until next Sunday. With acts ranging from Wilco to the artist once again known as Prince, there's usually at least one band worth seeing for everyone. Plus it's cheap, if you go at the right time. But the question remains, what events do you look forward too each summer?
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The annual trip to Cedar Point. Always the highlight of the summer. The new Millennium Force (world's tallest/fastest/steepest rollercoaster) is even better than I had imagined.
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Every year I think about flying home to go to the Naperville (IL) Ribfest... I'm salivating about Barney's Ribs, the best in the world, and am getting slightly misty eyed that I'll miss Mark Farner
of Grand Funk Railroad, Poco, and the Pointer Sisters
, not to mention the illustrious Tonic, dropping by between gigs in Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Alas...if only Cheap Trick were available, as they were a few years ago...
posted by thebigpoop at 12:33 PM on June 28, 2001 is the correct link. I'll be the one in the l337 <body></body> Evolt shirt. Buy me a beer.
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My profit sharing check...
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Ooh! All that talk about ribs made me think of the Taste of Chicago festival. How could I forget that? Definitely an annual tradition. Robinson's rib sandwich, Eli's frozen chocolate-chip cheesecake on a stick, Goose Island beer, free concerts, and fireworks with 3.5 million of your closest friends.
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If you're headed to Maine next weekend, don't forget to visit the Moxie Festival in lovely Lisbon Falls.
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Seriously though, if I could afford it, this is the bomb.
Hanging out with Carroll Shelby in ol' Virginia was a close second though.
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don't mean to be rude, but that lineup makes me incredibly glad that that's not what i'm looking forward to.

actually, what i'm looking forward to passed last night, when i saw radiohead. now i'm looking forward to thinking back on how great that was to see.
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Warped Tour-- Kool Keith, baby!
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Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival is always a blast; 4 full days of music for $40. Alas I no longer live there.
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San Jose's California Extreme classic arcade gaming convention is in mid-September.
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Prince, Shmince. The high point of Summerfest is Monday night: Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot, and Enuff Z'Nuff. Rock and roooooooooll!

Musically, This Ain't No Picnic is more my speed. But the only summer event I know I'll make it to is Burning Man.
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It's the world's largest musical festival if you don't count the entire nation of France having its Fête de la Musique every year (like they just did). In Paris alone there must have been 500 live acts, and I saw about 30 of them last year.
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It's not during the summer, but I'm looking foward to this years CMJ Music Marathon. Unwound is playing...that's more than enough reason to look foward to it.
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not a summer thing but sxsw 2000 boasted over 1000 bands in about 4 and a half days... pretty insane... this year had about 800 or so. it's gotten to be pretty expensive but still cant be beat for diversity and creativity of artists. unfortunately, most of the blogging types that show up for the interactive festival dont stick around for the music... any comments from those that have?
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SXSW has a great wealth of musical talent every year. Last year was my second year there since I graduated from UT in 1993. It's gotten even bigger -- names, crowds, ticket prices. Still great tho.

No one mentions the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival!? Now THAT'S a great music festival.

I always thought that Jazz Fest was one of the biggest. Especially after this year, where they had crowds over 90K on 3 or 4 different days and 160K in one day.
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fooljay: The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is more a spring festival, though. Down South, having a totally outdoors summer music festival is pretty much insane. The best are in the spring and fall. But yeah, it's the mother of all festivals, and anyone who hasn't been once is not the totally cool person her or she might think him or herself to be. Well, that was awkward enough. But you get the picture.
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Although I've never been, the Indianapolis Jazz Festival looks pretty good this year. James Brown and the North Mississippi All Stars are enough to make me go. Although I'm sorry to see it go, I'm tempted to get up early Sunday morning and make the drive to see the destruction of Market Square Arena.
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The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is the coolest festival hands down and the one all others should be compared to.

And although it is a spring festival, it's plenty hot even in april.
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Down South, having a totally outdoors summer music festival is pretty much insane.

People would die. Simply fall over, flat onto the ground, with their fried soft shell crab legs splayed out of their mouths spilling their sweetened Rosemint tea all over—well, probably me, in the process... Yeah, it's hot in April. It would be absolutely deadly in August.

Of course, that would be a simple solution to the overcrowding problem... :-)
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