Contemporary issues as handled by tv
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TV and Parables of Our Times: Speaking of Faith ( a weekly radio program about "religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas") looks at how tv deals with issues in contemporary life. A link to the main episode (MP3) is on the page along with various support media.
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I am an ex-catholic/atheist, and I love Speaking Of Faith. Krista Tippett is wonderful.
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I love Speaking Of Faith, but it might be helpful to recommend a few shows that (at least to me) stand out from the pack.
- The Inner Landscape of Beauty, about Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue.
- Obama's Theologian. A public conversation with David Brooks and E.J. Dionne about Reinhold Niebuhr.
- Studs Terkel on Life, Faith and Death.
- Whale Songs and Elephant Loves. It's about whales ... and elephants ... and romance. Sort of.
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I agree R. Mutt, on the few occasions I have heard this show -- usually on my drive to pick up take-out food on sunday nights -- it has been very good.
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I listen regularly, and think this is probably the most NPRish of all radio shows, in the sense of being thoughtful, in-depth, intimate and just quiet. It's the opposite of Bill O'Reilly or a morning shock jock in every way.

If you're seeking controversy though, well, not so much.
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Try here for the Canadian version. Some fascinating stuff here.
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I was hoping this was going to be about 'Law and Order' and its ham-handed moral lessons in each week's show.
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