February 28, 2000
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Weblog essay genres:
Statements of intention.
Announcements of suspension.
Letters of resignation.
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you forgot one, of course.
posted by judith at 9:36 PM on February 28, 2000

All these hiatuses (hiati? How do you pluralize hiatus?) so close together. That can only mean one thing, of course: THE DEATH OF THE WEBLOG IS NEAR! Start the presses! Crank up the BBEdit! Call Michael Wolff! There's a trend that needs to be reported! Next thing you know we'll be reminiscing about the "good old weblog days."
posted by werty at 7:14 AM on February 29, 2000

I remember the good old weblog days... when a blog was a weblog and a post was a ..er.. post... um...
Oh, the Web was paved with gold back then. You could start up a web shop, IPO, sell out and make a billion within 3hrs. Ahhhh... that was the life... when men were women and the blink tag was evil. Now, godarnit, you see the damn blink tag everywhere. Noone cares about useability, or content, it's just Flash3000 and RealTimeWarner. I'm sick of the Universal Web. Arrgh.
posted by Neale at 5:21 PM on February 29, 2000

Looks like Neale's trying to re-create the Weblog Community on The Sims.

posted by wendell at 5:42 PM on February 29, 2000

Yes, and when I've built your houses and bought your computers and dug your swimming pools, I'll drown you all and set you on fire.

posted by Neale at 9:15 PM on February 29, 2000

I'll have one of whatever he's having, thanks.
posted by jason at 9:31 AM on March 1, 2000

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