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"Seed" - an anthology of short fiction published on a USB flash drive shaped like a penis. Sample story. More on the concept without pictures of plastic penises. (Safe for workness may vary)
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This anthology of short fiction, it vibrates?
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I replaced the dildo hanging out of my pants with my own dick, popping it out like one of those pointy disposable cups you get from a watercooler.

Why am I thinking of Nicholson Baker right now?
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Seriously, as a bibliophile this is an interesting concept—to attach a fictional text to a physical object that is not a book. I immediately want to write a story, save it to a flash drive, and wedge that artfully into the binding of some old, musty hardcover. The uniqueness of the objects (at the 'More on the concept...' link) chosen for each text also makes my brain jump for all the links to limited editions and schwag (this secondary merchandising market, it vibrates?) associated with mainstream/pop publishing.
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more like flesh drive amirite
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It's peni, damnit.
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There is no such thing as a "novel" gimmick. Gimmicks are always gimmicks, no matter how they are packaged.

If you choose to publish your anthology as a format-inclusive publication on a thumb drive shaped like a penis, it's no more likely to be remembered over any publication - that includes anthologies published on thumb drives and anthologies shaped like penises, not to mention those on thumb drives shaped like penises. It's not an adequate differentiation, it's just a gimmick.

Even imagining the work is truly groundbreaking, the gimmickiness of the presentation won't do a lot for marketing it - it will likely be relegated to footnotes. "I have 'seed' on the original penis-shaped thumb drive," one might say, to be countered by a fan with a hard-copy bearing the author's signature.

To Miracle Jones, the ostensible creator of "Seed" and the idea of the "fiction circus" and the bookcase of objects doubling as stories: entropy, and desire to connect or understand. You're placing an undue burden on the part of the reader to connect the object to your intended message. It may work out in the first generations, but your symbolism may grow increasingly esoteric over time. Is this deleterious to your goal?
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The "seed" idea is wonderful and full of merit. I love my filled, heavy bookshelves, but I think I might love a curio cabinet just as much. It speaks to some very private wishes to horde and display beautiful things, and what is more beautiful to me than some books? Almost nothing. I just wish that the whole translucent penis-shaped thing wasn't the first "Seed". I get what he's trying to do, create controversy to push the underlying idea, appeal to base desires and sensibilities, but I dislike that it's being done in a way that will turn off stodgy people who would otherwise delight in the concept of cherishable objects as electronic books.
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Sean Connery: I've got to ask you about the Penis Mightier.
Alex Trebek: What? No. No, no, that is The Pen is Mightier.
Sean Connery: Gussy it up however you want, Trebek. What matters is does it work? Will it really mighty my penis, man?
Alex Trebek: It's not a product, Mr. Connery.
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It's peni, damnit.

No, it's not. Also see here.
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Unlike with an ebook, you will not look like an asshole if you give "Seed" as a gift.

Oh, I get it, only pricks give 'Seed' as a gift! That's so much better!
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>: No, it's not. Also see here.

I guess I shouldn't believe everything Rudimentary Peni has to say, then.
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Duh, 4th declension! Penes! :-)
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NSFW oral sex telephone. For some reason, the USB penis drive reminds me of this.
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It's a masterpeice of lightweight micro-processor technology!
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I hope that sample fiction is not indicative of quality.
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Someone needs to do a Dick collection. Phillp K that is.
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I heard that they have slightly different packaging for the uncut version.
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That sample story is seriously ridiculous.
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I just want want a penis flash drive.
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well, that made me sound more excited than i really am...
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Not many people know this, but the first edition of Spoon River Anthology was carved in tiny letters on a numbered run of whalebone dildoes.
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I like this idea a lot. This would be a fun way to publish just about anything, really. Movies, music, books, art collections, magazines.

2 Examples:

Say Radio Head releases there next album in the form of 500-1000 unique art objects with USB drives. The price for the initial object is prohibitive, or set by auction, or one thru a series of fun contests. The music is copied and distributed by the fan base and the art objects are still valuable pieces of history for the community. Cheaper, mass-produced versions can even be sold if the fans are interested.

On a smaller scale, my little band could make 100-200 art objects with USB ports at home with friends. Load up our album, start distributing them to friends, fans, taste-makers, clubs. Maybe even sell some at shows.

The art object can't be duplicated, and if it's cool enough, it's less likely to be destroyed than a demo, so it will exists for a long time as mini distribution point for my band. If the band takes off, it will achieve greater value as cool-ass collectible. Wouldn't it be awesome to have an original piece from your favorite band's early work? Something they personally created and distributed. Something beautiful or interesting that the band, their friends and peers, and scores of others in the fan community have seen and appreciated.

This could connect the audience directly with the band by way of peer to peer sharing. Or the film maker or cartoonist or journalist or artist or comedian or writer or whatever. The fans create the distribution model. Media centers across the globe become art gallery/curiosity cabinets.

my friends, TO MEFIPROJECTS!
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Now we just need to figure out this.
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You know, I enjoy the curio cabinet and the seedstore images, but something about this smacks of an entertaining idea not thoroughly thought out. For instance, I'm not seeing the point of a physical seed store, when to browse the collection you'd need a computer to identify titles, read the reviews, and browse the first few pages. I don't know many people who buy books just for the titles, which is what walking into the store and picking an object off the shelf would be. And the curio cabinets - none of mine would be that visually unified. I think aesthetically, the idea is being oversold.

Functionally, unless the flash drive comes out of the weird mini-dildo (and a removable dildo sleeve for thumb drive is somehow less interesting than a mini-dildo thumb drive), or is designed so it will plug in upside down (which again, disrupts the intended aesthetic), it's not going to work on my laptop, which is the only computer I have. And how long will the data on thumb drive continue to be available, even if the drive is only used occasionally? I've got a few paperbacks from the 60s that are still readable, but will a thumb drive still function in forty years? If I'm putting down nearly the retail price of a hardcover for this product, I'd like to know that I could reasonably expect the text to be available for the lifespan of a print book.

And yet ... I've spent more than five minutes overthinking a plate of plastic penises, so the idea is compelling on some level.
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Duh, 4th declension! Penes! :-)

Nope, third. Fourth would be something like virus...

[scared I remember this]
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Someone needs to do a Dick collection. Phillp K that is.

I was about to mention that I have a quite decent Lem collection (Stanisław, that is), but then I remembered that very few MeFi readers would get the joke.
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Lem is slang for wang?
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If that's the short story collection, I'm gonna hold out for the novel
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Not even slang, in Swedish.

("lem" is usually translated as "limb", but the Swedish use of that word includes a certain appendage, and since other human limbs tend to come in pairs, the singular form often refers to what was once known as the "secret limb" or "man's limb" (the latter is less archaic).)
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This strikes me as being the literary equivalent of a business card made of meat.
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