Online courses on Western history
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Dr. E.L. Skip Knox teaches history at Boise State University. His online courses have dedicated websites with his lectures and plenty of supporting material. There are five, History of Western Civilization, covering the wide sweep of European history from ancient Athens to Copernicus, The Crusades, Europe in the Late Middle Ages, focusing on the the Renaissance, and Europe in the Age of Reformation. You can also go on a Virtual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in medieval times. Dr. Knox has written extensively about online teaching including a lecture called The Rewards of Teaching On-Line where he explains his methods and shares his experiences.
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Note: A few sub-pages are not complete and some images are broken.
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School of not-so-hard Knox.
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This is why I come here. Thank you.
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Ditto. Thanks.
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huh, whaddya know? Something at Boise State besides blue carpet on a football field that is home to teams with surprisingly high national rankings.
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Only skimmed it so far, but thanks for this.
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Whoa, this is good.

This site is a fully virtual course offered for college credit through Boise State University. We have no physical classroom and the course is entirely asynchronous.

Brave! Virtuous!
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