12 Beautifully Animated Stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtime
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Dust Echoes is a series of twelve beautifully animated Aboriginal Australian dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land. The themes of these stories tell tales of love, loyalty, duty to country and aboriginal custom and law. Each story comes with descriptions on its history, what the story means and the text of the original story as told by local story tellers. Be sure to check out the downloads section for free desktop wallpapers and MP3 bonus tracks.
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Also, the stories are at the top of that page, for anyone who may be confused.
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These are wonderful. I loved Whirlpool.
Just the treat i needed. thanks
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Fascinating stuff. I was especially interested to find this early "dingos ate my baby" story. Creepy take on the rainbow, too.

Eventually a rainbow came out - the dog had smelled the mother and the new baby in the river where they washed, it came to the hut to look for the baby, then it morphed into a huge rainbow. The dog-rainbow (serpent) ate the Wagalak sisters and their baby.
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These are really well-presented, thoughtful pieces.

I'm a little frustrated that the Bible, Talmud, and Quran aren't accompanied by similar allegorical study guides. Adherents to related religions might get the wrong idea...!
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Those were brilliant. Thank you.
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These are totally cool. Thanks!
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I get some kind of weird culture shock when I think about downloading aboriginal dreamtime stories as desktop wallpaper, but that's probably just me. If the cavemen of Lascaux were alive today, they'd most likely be painting wallpaper cave art on their desktops.
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Beautiful work, thanks.
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What a treat! Thank you.
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Thank you for the link!
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Great find; ta.
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good work! thanks!
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This is tremendous. "Spear" reminds me of the art direction in Samurai Jack, although that show was never as inspired.
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