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The Delicious (2003) is a peculiar (and engaging) 15-minute short film about a yuppie banker who puts on a red union suit and finds himself experiencing the strangest desires.

It was released on one of the first Wholpin DVDs. It, along with some of director Scott Prendergast's other work, is now available on his website. His first full-length project was Kabluey, starring Prendergast, Lisa Kudrow, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, which also features strange costuming and social misfits who somehow find each other.
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Oh, I loved this when it first came out. So incredibly weird and wonderful. Thanks for posting these links. (In fact, that whole Wholphin DVD is great; if I remember right, it also includes a Miranda July film and a film of a Dutch guy singing "Stairway to Heaven" backwards--played backwards so that the song is forwards. I may have to buy it.)
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Download link (.MOV, "hi res") for everyone who, like me, would like to avoid Quicktime and Realplayer.
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Thanks, IG. Didn't even realize. When I first watched it, it was in a 2-parter on Youtube so I hadn't tried it on the director's site (oops, faux pas).
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I really need to see Kabluey. Here's the trailer.
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THE DELICIOUS. Awesome! Yes, that whole first Wholphin is great. I got ahold of it just before I went home for Christmas that year - my younger sis and I spent the whole next week going "ngngng" and "achchchchch" and "aroopoopoo".

Haven't thought about the film or filmmaker in years, but the former always makes me feel great no matter how bad my day is going, and I can't wait to track down more from the latter. Thanks for this post!
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I'm waiting for somebody to supply the links to the AskMeFi posts that cover the Delicious from both sides of the relationship.
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We were just talking about the Delicious earlier this week. We went to a Wholphin 9 preview event in SF back in July and they showed a creepy weird student film about a guy who is being tormented by a moss in his shower, and who strangely pursues a prostitute (? I think) and gets into fights. It was weird but enthusiastically weird. And the crowd voted it down, which I thought was strange. It may not have been as artful as The Delicious but it was certainly in the same vein. They always have something crazy and challenging in each issue, so why were these folks so aggressively voting it down for that reason? Anyway, we just watched issue 9 this week and were reminiscing about both movies. I heart Wholphin.
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