All These Love Poems That Are About You
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You may find the brave voices captured in this short film haunting, shocking and humorous. In some of their faces you'll see joy, anguish and grace as they trust you with their confession. Fifty People One Question from the fine folks at PostSecret. [previously on MeFi]
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I like the couple:

Dude: "I ran over your cat."

Chick: "I have books filled with love poems about you."

You best be heading to Tiffany's with your next PHP Development/butchershop paycheck boy.
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Yeah, I had to wonder if that one was put-on...
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That said, these are really boring.
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A few outstanding (staged?) ones and a lot of obvious ones:

Scruffy hipster mess is unemployed in scenery that looks a lot like NYC? Person with XY chromosomes fantasizes about being a secret agent?
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Four other videos at the main website.
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I don't like Post Secret culture. Schmaltzy Special Snowflakedom seems to individualize issues that we should be organizing around.

Abuse, abortion, rape, cancer, why as a girl you feel like you have to act like an idiot, the nuclear family, self harm, eating disorders, being fat - Post Secret is an outlet that amplifies the sentiment of your singular experience. I just really hope that's not diminishing the chances of people becoming environmentalists, feminists, or otherwise examining the harms in our culture.
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"Please tell your friends about this short and thank you for supporting PostSecret by buying the books for yourself or as gifts."
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This reaffirms my belief that I am a sucker for pretty emo electric guitar.
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The "where would you want to wake up" videos are pretty powerful.

I used to love PostSecret, until one day a couple years or so ago, the front page had a postcard that said essentially, "I'm having an affair with someone famous and married, and his kid reads PostSecret, so I know he will see this card" and it made me so sad to think that PostSecret had become about giving audience to people who take pleasure in ruining others' lives.
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