Stupidity Abroad.
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Stupidity Abroad. Apparently Americans aren't relying on our amazing capacity for atrocities at home anymore.
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About 10 years ago, in the Boston area, someone dropped a big rock off a bridge over one of the freeways, and it hit dead-center on the driver side windshield of a passing car. It went through the chest of the driver, crushing the rib cage and stopping the heart. The emphasis is on dead, for the driver did die.

I don't believe they ever found out who did it. But now ever bridge over a freeway in the state has a high fence on both sides which prevents this from happening.

It is amazing the things people will do for entertainment.

(Unfortunately, I perhaps understand slightly. When I was a kid, I dropped an ice cream code off a bridge over a highway; that could just as easily have killed someone, quite frankly. I was young and stupid and didn't realize what I did. It's amazing I'm not dead or in jail, considering all the stupid things I've done over the years.)

posted by Steven Den Beste at 10:48 AM on February 29, 2000

the same exact thing happened in houston near my apartment. now they're tearing the bridge down, along with three others. how long before everything has a chain-link fence around it?
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My old boss told me about throwing dirt clods onto LA drivers back when he was a kid and there was less chance of getting shot. He got a little excitement when a convertible driver tried to run them all down. Apparently the clods explode into dust and aren't a threat. Last summer I built condo's in downtown Seattle and my co-worker dropped his hammer from the 8th floor or so. Good thing they have those plywood covered walk ways. It was funny watching the pedestrians stupid enough to use them go running in fear--I recommend avoiding covered walkways wherever possible. I'm not the least bit surprised about the military brats. Hope they give them all the maximum sentence.
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One winter, while walking to class, passing the hotel two doors down from the main campus building, I was stopped by a glass Christmas ornament falling directly in front of me and shattering on the pavement. I took a couple steps back as other people on the street stopped, and we all looked up as a couple more were casually tossed out of a sixth or seventh floor window. I can understand not getting into the Christmas spirit, but...
posted by jason at 3:27 PM on February 29, 2000

Some of us non-americans are not surprised by the stupidity of those teenagers, but what has everyone I know
talking is the death of a 6-year-old by her 6-year-old classmate in America. 6-year-olds taking guns to school and killing classmates. What next metal detectors are kindgergartens?
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Maybe next comes the complete destruction of the public education system in the states? They don't do anything except babysit anyhow. Interesting point jay.
posted by greyscale at 7:24 PM on March 2, 2000

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