Q2 is coming out to show them.
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Maximum Reich is Q2's first multiplatform, multimedia-rich festival celebrating the iconic composer, Steve Reich. Complete with archival interviews stretching back 30 years, live concerts, an Eight Days of Steve blog, hosted segments with Nadia Sirota, an exclusive download of Dance Patterns, and Steve Reich himself, it promises to be quite the ride. For the next week, Q2, the new music stream from WQXR, is celebrating the life and work of Steve Reich.
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Hosted by Nadia Sirota, who is rather awesome in her own right.

Why can't San Francisco have one single interesting classical station? New York seems to have like four of them.
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I applaude this post in harmonic rhythm.
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Clap Clap Clap
Clap Clap
Clap Clap
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I listened to a bunch of Reich this morning. First time I have listened to him in years.

Now I am sure that MetaFilters is just a projection of my unconscious. I wonder what page I am actually on, typing away, thinking it's the mental construct I call MetaFilter? Probably Ask Yahoo.
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I'm just glad they didn't call it "Thousand Year Reich"
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It's gonna rain... after all!
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Tehillim's first movement is a very relaxing piece of music, for something with such an odd rhythm. I could only find parts 3 and 4 online, but it's one worth getting.
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Strange, the songs on those Youtube links don't match my audio. And my disc is called 'Tehillim - Three Movements' yet the Youtube links talk about parts 3 and 4. Confusion.
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Love love love Steve Reich. Thanks for pointing this out. I may have to put off my CD exchange mix for a while.
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Knock Knock! Who's there? Steve Reich. Steve Reich Who?
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