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The Year in Ideas from the New York Times Magazine.
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There's also The Sunday Globe's Idea section at NYT's sister publication.
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I thought this idea for advertising was pretty interesting. But the one below it, on beer bottles' ability to crack skulls, could use a note that the cheap typical U.S. beer bottle is a poor match for the half-liter bottles that were tested.
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Now that we have scientific proof of the skull-crushing potential of glass beer bottles, should breweries switch to softer materials, like aluminum or plastic? Bolliger says he hopes not. "Beer," he says, "just tastes better out of glass."

I appreciate this man's priorities.
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huh. Cows with names make 6% more milk annually than anonymous cows.

Well, that's my random fact for the day. Back to bed.
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The ending paragraph of the cow mini-article sure makes those California cheese commercials ironic.
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At least the ones about cow naming and beer bottles were in this year's Ig Nobels. Coincidence?
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I guess at the NYT, ideas = mostly pop science crap.
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>Long live the hive mind!

I wrote that one! I hope fleacircus didn't think it was pop science crap.
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The greatest quote on that whole list: "After picking the brains of specialists at the conference of the International Water Mist Association..."

There's a joke here and if I can figure it out I'll make next year's Year In Ideas.
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That one wasn't bad, since it wasn't a flimsy-ass conclusion based on some slightly interesting (but totally trivial) little experiment or study.
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