The Houses of Parliament are built from a mix of asparagus, green beans and runner beans
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The recreation of London's skyline using fruits and vegetables is best understood through a "making of" video. (via)
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Fuck me, has Charles become king already?
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The Gherkin, found in the Square mile, is cunningly crafted out of two types of melon

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The four food groups: Fast, Frozen, Instant, and Art.

Thanks twoleftfeet. Nice post.
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Oh noes HDR admin please hope
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How appropriate that a substantial part of the Tower of London is made of baguette.
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Niftyness. I love the video.

BTW, Mefi's done Carl Warner a couple of times before. Previously: (1) (2)
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Precisely what kind of fruit or vegetable is that at 1:08?
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Tower of London is on the wrong side of Tower bridge.

If you're going to build out of vegetables at least get your landmarks correct goddamit.
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Hmm, I was scouring the photo to figure out what bugged me so much and finally did...

What's up with the sunny skies? Not one tiny stormy cloud in sight. I'm telling you, this whole thing is a fake :O
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Amazing, but kinda wish the video showed them eating it too. Imagine the glue they used wasn't particularly tasty.
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