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So the French do lip dub too? Sometimes it's good and fun (starring employees of the W9 TV channel) and sometimes bad and corny (starring many French political celebrities from president Sarkozy's party, such as the minister of economic affairs and the secretary of state for sports).
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So, I saw a cute skirt and a nice pair of pumps, but the men were all dressed in rather boring fashion.

That was, sartorially speaking, rather disappointing.
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Good old Québecois lipdubs exist, too. The show "100 Limite" had some real good ones, including Spock's take on Celine Dion and René Angelil's wedding. (spoiler: "Fas chier")
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Originally read that as French dip sub and am a little let down that this isn't about French dip subs. But that 100 Limite clip is solid gold!
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As far as I can tell the Francophone world really loves lipdubs. It's the internet meme that crashed into the mainstream there, much like RickRolling and lolcats among Anglophones. In case you're calibrating your vicarious-embarrassment-meters imagine the Republicans releasing a lolcatlike attack ad:


Imagine that appearing as a full page ad in the New York Times. That embarrassing.
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yes if by embarrassing you mean 'the only thing that would get me to vote republican'
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The French are funny. And I say that as someone currently in France.
And trying to learn French while watching dubbed American tv shows where the mouth doesn't match the language is almost a lesson in cognitive dissonance. I've seen the episodes in English so I know the story and now I'm hearing the French version but I can't help looking at their mouths, which I doesn't match what I hear.

Potomac Avenue. what?
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Previously a cornucopia of francophone lipdubbing.
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shoesietart: i was responding to katullus, ducy?
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shoesietart: i was responding to katullus, ducy?

[x] 2+2 reader ITT
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"Kids, ne rollerblade pas downstairs at home! Je suis un trained profess... oh merde! (krik-swish thump bump wuddle wuddle wuddle bash bash bash ker-SCHWAK!!) ...Ohhhhh... 'ere Gilles, prends le camera and finish this maudite t'ing."
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