His Majesty 'El Bolero'
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Su Majestad 'El Bolero' - Sonidos del Mundo::2::3::4::5:: Special bolero, a musical genre with Iberian and African mergers that are installed in the Cuban archipelago in the late nineteenth century. Classical introduction of Matt Ramirez (Radio Felicidad 88.9 - Peru) who is involved in a musical gatherings led by Mabel Martinez. The same applies to journalists Eloy Perez and Agustin Jauregui Aldave. Since my senses perceived that needle to settle into the grooves of vinyl. After listening to the announcer's voice and even at that moment, unknown bolero invaded me as they say, the sweet joy of 'sad', called melancholy. I remembered that magical scene of an afternoon in which, from a makeshift place, interrupted the dance of two lovers who blushed as teenagers after being discovered. Well I wrote my Father on the album cover photo she shared with 'her pimp'. Love? There are lots... but like ours are very few people there. Now imagine how lucky I am to have been a spectator of so simple and beautiful moment. (google translate)
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full version of Como Fue
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more Trio Matamoros
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Hello? hello, hello...
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
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Thanks for this, utterly new to me and just the thing for a winter's evening :)
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Augustin Lara always reminds me of a latin Hoagy Carmichael. They even look like brothers.


Tus Pupilas

Casita Blanca

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