What's New, Congressman?
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[MLYT] Reddit has been hosting some interesting and quite candid interviews with prominent public figures recently. Today they posted their session with Dennis Kucinich. Previously: Barney Frank, Ron Paul, and Mike Rowe (host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery). All questions created and voted on by the community.
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Hahaha In this interview section (part 2 of 5) with Barny Frank he's talking about Marijuana Laws and how some people in Providence got arrested because they were in a national park, so they were arrested by federal law enforcement. One of the people had the charges dropped because he wasn't a U.S. citizen and would have been deported. And then he mentions that the person was Andrew Sullivan.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again: regardless of his fitness to lead this great nation, I vote DENNIS KUCINICH for my grampa in 2010.
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Wow. Who knew Ron Paul was so ignorant about science?!? I quite like parts of his libertarian approach and his ideas about the Pentagon budget and foreign entanglements. But I guess you didn't need science education to get into medical school back in those days . . .
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I wish Metafilter™ would do this, but with Metafilter members, not 'famous people'.
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Did they ask if any of them had been falsely accused of rape?

That's one of Reddit's favorite topics, followed by 237 comments with variations of 'OMG that bitch. Womenz are evil.'

I miss the old Reddit. Ron Paul love single-handedly destroyed that place.

I've been going back there recently because I finally got the settings to a point that screened out most of the 'AskReddit: my dad doesn't want to hear about my athiesm. WTF?' and it's a bit better, but the category submissions screen out stuff that's actually mainstream, like someone submitted the St. Louis Kurt Greenbaum story and put it in WTF, because, WTF? But if you don't include the WTF category in your view, because it's a crap magnet, you miss that particular story.
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I wish Metafilterâ„¢ would do this...

. . .

Question 1:

Dear guy, what do you think of this plate of beans? [Attached]
Your response should be a minimum of 15 minutes of in length and must include:

1) References to the works of at least two major early 20th century analytic philosophers.

2) A brief summary of the possible implications to typeface choices in popular furniture catalogs.

3) Bacon sammich
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4) Snark, a denunciation of snark, or snarky mockery of the denunciation
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5) Taters? Hard or softcore?
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6) Would you rather be pissed on by an elephant, or have your pants filled with fish?
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7) Wot's taters? See question (5), supra.
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This is like hearing that David Foster Wallace wrote a final book of essays only to learn that the text is transmitted via Morse code groin-kicks from a seventeen year-old libertarian.
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Well, it's not like you actually have to go to reddit to get the answers.
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These are long, and I don't have that much time today. And I know what Dennis Kucinich will say (and I'll agree with him) and what Ron Paul will say (and it will be ignorant/crazy), so I think I'll listen to Barney Frank because he's most likely to surprise me - and impress me.
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I kinda like the idea of a metafilter interview series.

We could organize it in metatalk and have the mods do the interview for a podcast, based on questions suggested by the community (but without the dumb 'most favorites' gimmick)

Proposal for the debut interview: Richard Dawkins.
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(the second interview will obviously have to be Sarah Palin)
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Who knew Ron Paul was so ignorant about science?!?

If you include logic, ethics, and governmental sciences, then me.
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I think I'll listen to Barney Frank because he's most likely to surprise me - and impress me

Out of all the interviews, I found the Barney Frank interview most worthwhile. It is worth watching for a few minutes, at least, just to see the state of his office and his manner. But beyond that, he is a very sharp and eloquent speaker, and I was surprised and impressed by some of his answers.
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Mr. Kucinich speaks pretty interestingly about his experience with guns and gun control, not new perhaps, but it was way more in depth than he has ever gotten to explain in debates, and he does a good job explaining a position that many hold. (I don't think I can picture him with a gun in a holster however) but it was a pretty breathtaking highdefinition political video, always interesting.

I am interested in these characters, would anyone recommend googl'ing their names to learn more?
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Eh. I would, however, like to see a Dirty Jobs special where Mike Rowe spends a day as a legislator.
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