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Dave Winer, it appears, is mentioned in the new April issue of Macworld. I just picked up the new issue, and looked to the last page, and David Pogue wrote about how different media outlets predicted Apple's demise, and then he went about humiliating them by reprinting portions of their articles or quotes, and responding. Yes, Dave Winer was one of the people quoted.
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You can find David Pogue's April column here.
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Yeah, near the bottom of that page, under the financial times header is this:

"Apple no longer plays a leading role in the $200 billion personal computer industry. 'The idea that they're going to go back to the past to hit a big home run . . . is delusional,' says Dave Winer, a software developer."

FWIW, I thought they were almost dead right before Steve rejoined them. When he got the cover of time (here's a modified version), my old roomate (a lifetime apple user) was ready to sell his apple stock which was below $20 a share at the time. Lucky he held onto that stock.
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Dave's a tool of the man.
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I agree.
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No, I was just kidding.
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I guess you're right.
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