Strange Beliefs
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Strange Beliefs: an hour long video on the life and work of anthropologist E. E. Evans-Pritchard. Covering especially his field work with the Azande and Nuer of the Sudan.
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Not, I presume, to be confused with J. Evans-Pritchard, Ph.D.
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Thanks for this; a good, solid, unspectacular documentary of the kind that doesn't get made much any more. It's interesting to see what the famous granary actually looked like (I can see why they were always falling down) and I enjoyed the wartime newsreel (starts at 42:56) about Evans-Pritchard's T.E. Lawrence-like experiences in the Sudan Auxiliary Defence Force.

Clifford Geertz has a great essay on E-P, and the 'maddening brilliance' of his prose style, in his book Works and Lives, part of which can be read for free here. It includes one of my favourite E-P quotations: 'Coming back through the swamps was a real hard job, but on the whole the trip was interesting.'
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