Come look at the two little Transylvanian Children!
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A second Edgar Oliver story was posted [mp3] on The Moth Podcast yesterday. Recorded in January, 2006, he calls it The Apron Strings of Savannah but the Moth people call it The Story of How Edgar Became Edgar.
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Oliver's first story at The Moth is still available. If you like this kind of thing, you should subscribe because the podcast only keeps the latest five episodes around and while earideas looks good, Odeo's Moth archives are zombies. I only send CDs of my archives to my dad.
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I can't quite imagine Edgar Oliver exists and wasn't made up by Jon Waters and Tennessee Williams during an epic drug spree in a decaying southern mansion.
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@morganw, are you a regular at The Moth? I've been going and telling stories a LOT over the last year, curious if we've met in person. This is me. Come say "hi" the next time if you see me ...
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I love The Moth podcast, but it's one of the podcasts I listen to that I've fallen behind on. Probably should take this as a sign I should catch up.
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He has the kind of voice I would imagine would present itself if the person on the other end of the phone line stopped breathing heavily into it and started speaking.
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Just in case you need a little more Edgar Oliver (and really, everyone does) you should watch this link: A Chat with... Edgar Oliver. He's like a friendly Brother Theodore...
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Finally had a chance to listen to the two Moth podcasts, which I agree are awesome. Linguists, please help me sharpen my affectation-meter: Is there really an accent somewhere that uses three different "a" sounds in "car," "bar," and "garden"?
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Can't help but feel the introducer's assurances that Edgar Oliver is not "an actor playing a role" ring hollow. He may be telling a version of his life story, but the structure and style exactly match a certain kind of short fiction, and his accent and manner of speaking are probably affected, or even fabricated. He is playing a role. That he plays this role even when he is not performing on stage does not make it less artificial.
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