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The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band performs a Hannukah Platter Patter. This musical style from a klezmer band shouldn't be too surprising; after all, with productions of Di Yam Galoznim, Di Yidisher Pinafore, and Der Yidddisher Mikado (Danny Kaye and Jerome Robbins appeared in Sylvia Fine's translation), and with translators and adaptors ranging from Miriam Walowit and Sylvia Fine in the 1940s to Al Grand in the present, Gilbert and Sullivan are no strangers to the Yiddish stage.
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The first link is bad, but I will say that I had the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band at my wedding oh those many years ago . They were terrific! (though they did not play the Platter Patter)
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"the profile on my facebook resembles Humpty-Dumpty..." ha!
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I came to the thread for latkes. I smelled latkes.
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A mishegoss! A mishegoss! (Yiddish version of the song "A Paradox" from of Act II of the Pirates of Penzance).
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I love G&S, and I love the Yiddish versions of their shows. Yay!
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This combines two of my musical favorites that I don't really (musically) understand - Gilbert & Sullivan and Klezmer. Thus making holiday season '09 not totally useless. Thanks!
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