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Damn. Just Damn. I met him once, about 11 or 12 years ago. One of those people you just can't forget. Sunny roads, Bob.
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A mea Culpa on my part for being newsfiltery, and throwing up such a thin tribute to a deep man. will have much better coverage later today, and the Route 66 Pulse's next isssue is just called The Waldmire Issue, and will feature a letter from Bob saying goodbye to his beloved Mother Road, and all the friends he met along the way.
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So sorry to hear of Bob's passing, but glad he is not suffering anymore.

We'd recently become phone friends after my husband tracked him down upon seeing his work at the LA Public Library's map exhibit curated by Glen Creason, and we were able to get a limited number of Bob's incredible multi-page fold-out Route 66 maps to sell to Esotouric passengers and folks who hit our website. They were hugely popular, and a couple of calls back Bob told me there just weren't any more to be had, except maybe some prototypes on white paper which he needed to look for.

I offered to front him the cost of a print run, but before that could happen he got sick and headed back to the bosom of his family to ebb away in hospice care. His digital mailbox was full up last week, and I figured it might be nearly his time.

I'll always remember talking with him in the spring, just shooting the breeze about cool stuff on the open road, when he suddenly blurted, "Hey! there goes a coyote moving pretty fast!" He was Route 66, and the real thing as a person and an artist--ethical, warm, engaged, alive. I'll be looking forward to reading that goodbye letter to his fans he was working on last time we spoke, when he told me he felt he needed to write an apology for anyone who came along looking for some of his art when there wasn't any more to be had. Something tells me those reprints are going to come, though, even with him gone. The work abides.
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