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Disappointed by The Phantom Menace? You might enjoy this 70-minute (yep seventy minute) review of the 1999 George Lucas film. LOST producer Damon Lindeloff on the review: “Your life is about to change. This is astounding film making. Watch ALL of it.” [via slashfilm]
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I missed it the first time, so thanks. I literally clapped at the "if you're under 20 and think Empire is the worst film in the series, shut this review off now before I explain exactly how much of a fucking idiot you are" line.
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I gave it a miss the first time as it seemed way too long, but I've now watched two segments. Yay double posts!
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Um, wow. You really do need to watch it the whole way through, or at least past part 1. There's, uh, a twist around halfway through part 2 (when he goes into his basement).
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