The Villa Vals
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The Villa Vals, from Christian Muller Architects, is an innovative (and totally cool) house dug into the side of a Swiss alp. More pictures from Iwan Baan.
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It is indeed a totally badass house, OmieWise, but your post is unfortunately a double...
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Really fantastic. Has this sort of volcanic crater feel, but tilted a bit for access. One thing I immediately wondered was how precipitation accumulates (it is the Alps, right?) and how that might affect ease of access. Of course, I imagine that there was a great deal of planning and engineering in this project and that whatever system was designed to divert rainwater and snow from collecting in that front patio area is probably even more impressive than the building itself.
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Sorry, Omiewise, it's not a double! I was confusing MeFi with Facebook (gasp!), where i saw this linked by someone the other day. Apologies.
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Oh, fucking ouch! I'm not even on Facebook, and I'm not even on it with extreme prejudice!
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When it comes to crying double, "link or it didn't happen" should be the only acceptable policy.

Meanwhile: this is indeed totally cool. I was obsessed with underground houses when I was a kid (I read this book to pieces) and still harbor a lot of affection for them.
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I love to look at designs like this one, but I do wonder if I could live with all that bare grey concrete, especially overhead in the bedroom. It's a little oppressive. Plus my dad-brain gets really freaked out when I think of my kids running around somewhere like that
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This derail is most certainly a double.
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It was also recently posted on MetaChat, maybe thence the confusion?
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Flapjax will now commit hara-kiri. And I get a ribbon for Japanese spelling!
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From the linked article:

Switzerland’s planning laws dictate that it is only possible to grant a definitive planning permission after a timber 
model of the building’s volume has first been constructed on site.

Daaaaaamn. This is crazy.

It's Switzerland for crying out loud. Surely they mean either chocolate or cheese, not timber.
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Saw this on Treehugger the other day, and thought about building my own underground evil lair, umm...i mean villa.
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Could use a minaret.
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