LibriVox's Christmas Carol Collection 2009
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In 2006, LibriVox released a small collection of traditional Christmas Carols, sung by volunteers from around the world, all in the Public Domain. It was a neat idea. Then, years of silence, no carolers came. Now it's December 2009 and the carolers have returned, with a second larger collection of traditional carols. (orig LibriVox page. Project page.)
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At the end of each song it says "This recoding is in the public domain". I guess the rest of Christmas is not.


2009: 1,2,5,7,11,13,14,15,17,18,20,24,30
2006: 2,3,4,5,6,7,11
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It's another Festivus miracle!
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This is wonderful.

I didn't know my heart could hold more love for LibriVox but it must have grown three sizes tonight.

Thanks stbalbach and LibriVox carolers, I haven't had a smile this broad on my face for this long in way too long. You've made my night and I'm only on the 11th song.
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I check out Librivox frequently, but I had no idea about this--thank you for posting this, stbalbach! This will be wonderful to listen to on tomorrow's road trip to visit the family.
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This is excellent. My heart grew three sizes today.
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Great link - thanks. In hunting down sheet music for some of the lesser-known (by me, anyway) ones to sing with my caroling neighbors, I found the best site on the Web
for free Christmas Carol music
. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Awesome. Are they crossposted to any of the Creative Commons music sites?
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