Virtual Haircut
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*HEADPHONES ONLY* Strap on your Headphones and get a Haircut. Virtual Haircut is a binaural recording. Is your auditory system acting as a interferometer? (via Reddit, yesterday)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Heard it. -- cortex

But now there'll be little hairs all over the inside of my cyberjacket!
posted by mccarty.tim at 8:54 PM on December 19, 2009

I was trying to explain to someone once that you could simulate any spacial location with just a pair of headphones but he just couldn't believe it. This thing would have been helpful.
posted by delmoi at 8:56 PM on December 19, 2009 [1 favorite]

Double, (or even triple), flagged as such.
posted by pjern at 8:57 PM on December 19, 2009

pjern.. ah crap. no flags when i posted.
posted by Frasermoo at 8:59 PM on December 19, 2009

Sorry it's a dupe. Thanks for letting me find this stuff anyways.
posted by floam at 9:05 PM on December 19, 2009

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