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I love Walt Kelly's art work. I also love the comic strip created by Walt Kelly called Pogo. Man I wish Pogo was still around. Walt Kelly was a great artist and created a wonderful comic strip. Check this blog out that was created by a Kelly fan.
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I heard you like comics or something.

Honestly, Pogo is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie.
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Best intarwebby thing I've seen in way too long.

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Sweet. I bought myself my first Pogo (the Ten Ever-Lovin' Blue Eyed Years With Pogo compilation) when I was six years old. Read that to death, until the cover feel off and all the pages were dog-eared.

It was in those pages that I first learned about that evil Polecat, Simple Joe Malarky, and those sneaky Cowbirds who "share, share what others have", even before I learned about the real Senator Joe McCarthy and the real CPUSA.
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Thanks for this.
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I was going to say that this post might have too much editorializing, but declaration of love for Walt Kelly aren't statements of opinion, they are just the default human condition. No sane human does not love Pogo.
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P.S. Deck us all with Boston Charlie!
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Awesome! I just finally sprang for a couple of Pogo figurines on eBay for the outrageous price of $0.99 They made it here right before the snow and I have been admiring them on my window sill all weekend.

At my old apartment, I decorated my walls with pictures from the Pogo book covers that I Rastorbated. It was really fun, although not something my wife would ever be likely to condone in our shared home.

All of which makes me sound like an uber-fan, which I am not, particularly. However, orthogonality's description of why Pogo was important in his life directly describes why he was important in mine.
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Also, wtf, >101k?!?
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I have an Amazon Alert set to explode when the announced Fantagraphics collections get a release date. I think I remember reading they were having difficulties in acquiring high quality scans of some of the strips. Yup, so it seems.
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Sigh. I loves me some Pogo.
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My holiday project is to reglue all my old falling-apart Pogo books from the 70s. They'll have to do until Fantagraphics starts publishing the new collection, and I'm not going to hold my breath.
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If you like Kelly, look for the Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics. Lots of old hard to find Kelly in there. Some Pogo, and some of his interpretations of classic fairy tales. Full disclosure, I designed the book! But, for real... there is a lot of old Walt Kelly throughout the book. Much of the incidental elements of the book are cobbled together from Kelly's work because there was just so much good stuff.
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This one is always good to trot out on occasion, which, as far as the impending health care reform legislation is concerned, might be right about now.
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Another Pogo fan from way back. Thanks for the post.
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Favorite Pogo line, one that bears breaking out on occasion: "I don't mean to rain on your poo-rade, but it doesn't looks like you gots one."
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You know what's really messed up?

When I was around 11 I read a collection of Pogo cartoons, that also included various other cartoonists, etc discussing Kelly and his influence on them. One of them was (I assume) Wallace Wood, and included a single panel Sally Forth [1] cartoon involving Sally and the gang reading Pogo, and was captioned "A rare picture of Sally with her clothes on".

Somehow I got jumbled up in my head, and until just a few moments ago, I was convinced that Walt Kelly drew Sally Forth. The linked article caused me to google Kelly, then to google to find Sally Foth and discover it's actual creator. It's weird how misconceptions get so firmly rooted in your brain....

Anyway, Pogo is cool.

[1] Not to be confused with the syndicated strip of the same name.
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He who is fore-warned is fore-armed but he who is fore-armed gotta be half an octopus and who wants that?

Pogo grammar discussions are the height of Western civilization. Octopots done got me. That's the past inconquerable if I remember rightly.
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When I was a little boy growing up in St. Louis, where the Post-Dispatch ran color comics seven days a week, I loved Pogo for the sheer joy emanating from the artwork...but I remember, as a beginning reader, how difficult it could be to make sense of the colloquially rendered spelling.

Happy Solstice!
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Life should be more like Pogo, in which philosophical discussions are had which end up in someone falling into the water and then snacks. Also, the scenes with the self-standing door were epic win. "I wouldn't live here if you gave it to me, the place is on fire and the roof leaks."
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Got a spare $600 or so? Own an original.
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"Yes, Santa Claus, there is a Virginia."
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i have been a big fan of Pogo since the early 1960s, and i'm really glad that someone has taken the time to do him right on the web... 8)
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Grew up on Pogo, and love Kelly. Thanks for posting this!
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All the Pogo songs are fantastic. (Boston Charlie -- not on the collection -- isn't even close to being one of the best.)

My parents had the foresight to own it on vinyl, so it's one of my formative personal soundtracks.
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"Don't take life so serious, son. It ain't no-how permanent."
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Got a spare $600 or so? Own an original.

Damn you, mwhybark! *starts looking for change under the sofa cushions*
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Some cartoonists are great artists. Some cartoonists are great writers. Walt Kelly was a genius.
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