The 100 Weirdest Digg Stories of 2009
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From the bizarre, to the bawdy, to the heartwarming the year in Digg has revealed just how strange the human race can be. Here are some of the weirdest stories we dugg this year as well as an infographic that breaks down the biggest Digg stories of the day, month, and year.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Not really a readable (10 per page with oodles of ads?) or interesting list, sorry -- mathowie

Yeah, I think this one is going to go over swimmingly.
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Here comes the bury brigade.
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I read the links, and I can say that there is indeed a reason why MetaFilter aggressively differentiates itself from Digg: the "weirdest stories" are either just plain stupid, or are borderline offensive.

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