Mobile phones, medals, a doll's legs, an entire army... is there anything a gull won't swallow?
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Overambitious eating: Tetrapod Zoology brings us a series of articles on overambitious gluttony by animals. seagull vs phone, small army, doll parts, a perentie trying for a spiky echidna, heron vs. lamprey, roadrunner vs. horned lizard, snake vs. centipede, and real lizard vs. plasic lizard.

The issue of seabirds eating just about anything was touched upon graphically in Chris Jordan's depressing photographs of albatrosses from Midway Atol previously. The problem with plastic bags previously featured periphally on MeFi.
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Python vs. alligator.
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New rule: Don't eat anything bigger than your head torso self.
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That is one freaky looking centipede in the snake versus centipede picture. Ick.
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Score one for Mushu. But the um, method of extraction, even under anesthesia, is kind of disturbing.
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Lucky it isn't Octopod Zoology.
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They probably use the wrong fork, too.

I hear that some birds eat with their feet!
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Let this be a lesson for the holidays...
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Every time I read something like this, it reminds me of when I had an aquarium with a brown catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus?) in it. Once when I was cleaning the tank, I felt the little teeth around my finger, and picked up the whole 3" long fish out of the tank. I imagined a tiny voice saying, "Hold still, dammit!" I thought I was a goner.
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Alligator vs. Apple
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