Fluid dynamics and cybernetics!
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Creeper World Training Sim Something a little different for those who have been watching the Tower Defense genre's gradual stagnation. The full game is ten bucks from the makers.
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Been trying to beat the final free level for about an hour now...it was really easy up until that level.
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I thought for sure this was going to be a TD game from the creeper's POV. Now that would be sweet. Unless it's already been done.
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Hmm... how do I make this full screen.
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"Playing a game."
"What's it about?"
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Ok so I just lost 3 hours, more or less, into that infernal device.
Would you guys stop posting these things? I probably have things I should be doing...
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Being told "you're gonna love this" and actually loving it are experiences that so rarely coincide for me.
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The secret of the final level is to build 2 drones at the very start and just keep bombing the trench.

But once you get a stable fortification worked out, it becomes just grinding through the rest of the level. Still super fun. I was supposed to go to bed at midnight last night, but it kept me up until 2am.

Now I have to buy it...
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The final level in the free demo is quite straightforward if you observe that if you can keep the central trench from overflowing you will have plenty of time to build up.
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I guess I only say "stagnation" for dramatic effect, though I do think it's heyday as a pure genre has passed. I just haven't been seeing stuff as good as Desktop TD, Bloons TD, Gemcraft or Protector.

Gemcraft lost me with chapter 0. It became too self-conscious. Too long, too many game mechanics. I played it anyway, but gave up when I read about the last level being essentially impossible. You can't do that, man.

Protector 1 was my favorite, and I like 2 a lot, but 3 just had something missing. I don't know what.

I agree that the concept is becoming much more. Gemcraft might have been the beginning of that, but this game seems to me to be exemplary of the evolving genre rather than just an integration of the idea into another kind of game.

There was a game I played before I knew the name of the genre... it had the wizards, etc. theme, but it had something to do with digging out the places for your monsters and getting to treasure chests while creeps were coming... That was a good one, whatever it was.

Oh, and if you wanna play the creep...
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I just spent 55 minutes beating my head against Level 3, the Cell level, not even the hardest level. Jesus these games are like heroin to me.
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This was neat but the difficulty is all front loaded. Once you stabilize a defense, you can't lose but it can still take you 20 minutes or so to push your stuff over to the portal generating crystal things.
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I pretty much spent all of my free time last weekend playing this game. Played each level a few times, and I agree with juv3nal that you just have to set up your defense and slowly batter your way through. In one level though, you just have to make it to the sole fountain (or whatever they call it, entropy source or whatnot) and then the whole board dries up and you're off to the races.

Now I'm going to check out some of the other games recommended in the comments (on that game page) and squander another long weekend ...
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