"... as the rambling voice scraped and whispered on I shivered again and again..."
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“West of Arkham the hills rise wild, and there are valleys with deep woods that no axe has ever cut...” — In the true spirit of the holiday season, Mark E. Smith presents: a reading of that classic old Christmas tale, Howard Phillips Lovecraft's The Colour Out Of Space.

[This is actually two years old, but amazingly it's apparently never seen the front page of Mefi before...]

Mark E. Smith is the iconic frontman for the thirty-year-old punk band / literary institution The Fall. His cracked Manchester drawl, at turns muddled then crisp, can be riveting; and if you're like me, you could listen to him talk for hours on end. I encourage you to give it a go and close your eyes, settling into the rhythm and cadence - you'll likely soon find that you understand what he's saying. Here are some details about this reading.

However, if you're not like me, you may prefer to listen to the Atlanta Radio Theater Company's excellent radio dramatization - which I discovered via Pope Guilty's Lovecraft audio post from two years ago.

Or if you don't want audio at all - you just want to read the story - you may read it at Project Gutenberg here.

Happy X-mas to you and yours!
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Can't wait to get home and watch this. Colour Out of Space is one of my favo(u)rites.
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oh yes how could i forget. many was a merry eve on snowy solstice when i would curl up at my nanna's feet while she recited to me that deathless prose: Fleen the illimbing togerarry and nǒsh sp͋̉afe irr golllda̩̦͋ÿ̫̣̉̈̎̄̌ͅ farthhiṇ͊g̉̅ ho̹͍̅o͌llistreraṯ̪̬̙̻̟̥hh͆h!
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Think I'll save this for tonight... along with Junky's Christmas and Fairytale of New York
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Let's share our favorite lovecraft quotes! "wherever the Wandering Jew wanders, he will have to content himself with his own society till he disappears or is killed off in some sudden outburst of physical loathing on our part."
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Betty_effn: there was a good discussion about Lovecraft's xenophobia on Mefi a few weeks ago (here).

For myself, who is in actuality a pale fishman from the swamps of Southeast New England, I am not offended by what he says about my people.
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http://www.librivox.org has more Lovecraft audio and other fun horror stories to listen to.
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This has made my Christmas Eve. Sensational stuff. I love Mark. And I love Lovecraft.

As fearfulsymmetry (a very appropriate name btw) says, I'll be saving it for later.. and oooh yeah gosh The Junky's Christmas!

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Monkeymoo: “I'll be saving it for later...”

That video's really great. There're even X-mas decorations and a warm, inviting fire.
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Hot damn what a cool find.
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Great stuff! I like a little horror to balance out my Christmas cheer.
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Mark E. Smith also has a Guide to Writing Guide.
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Get that man a better mic! It sounds as if he's speaking from the charnel depths of the sepulchre. (Yeah, that's more Poe than Lovecraft, but you catch my drift.)
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Bizarrely, Lovecraft actually did write a number of Christmas poems, and the guys over at the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast have been reading one a day for the month of December.
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" Great holes are secretly digged where Earth's pores ought to suffice, and things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl."
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Aparently the resovioir was bombed during WWII, for "training". I smell Delta Green op.
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Mark E. Smith is the iconic frontman for the thirty-year-old punk band / literary institution The Fall.

A bloody international treasure for most of that time, too. Time to have a Fall listening party:

Cruiser's Creek

The Man WHose Head Expanded

I Feel Voxish
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Skygazer: "the man whose head expanded?" Aw, c'mon - it's catchy and all, but I happen to like Marc Riley.

Anyhow, thanks to nasreddin for reminding me that The Fall actually do have a christmas song (or at least an x-mas song) - but I should say that my favorite version of that tune (aside, of course, from the brilliant Fall In A Hole rendition) is the live one from Totale's Turns - the one where Smith gets all pissed off at Marc Riley for trying to make those two chords slightly more interesting and turns around to shout: "FUCKING GET IT TOGETHER INSTEAD OF SHOWING OFF!" - and then just walks offstage and refuses to come back and sing for a good three minutes, during which time the band just has to keep playing that infernal riff.

Ha ha. Crazy old Mark E Smith.

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[the best fall song ever]

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Hey there fuckface, hey there fuckface, I see your-ah Backdrop-ah (best fall song ever-ah) and raise you The Classical.

and ask you to

Pay Your Rates

and take

Two Steps Back
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Let's not forget Fit and Working Again. Or Paint Work. Or Couldn't Get Ahead. Or Jerusalem. Or Smile. Or Frightened. Or Hey! Luciani. Or Stepping Out. Or Tempo House. Or No Bulbs. Or the awesome covers of Victoria and, of course, Mr. Pharmacist.
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Man, MES really needs a huge FPP like the ones for Shane MacGowan and Nick Cave...
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Bigfoot: don't worry. That one's in the pipe - I promise...
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Am listening to the great man read this as I wait for ASBO Santa to arrive. What a wonderful Christmas gift, thank you koeselitz and may none of your presents be gibbous.
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never felt better in my life.
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Amateurs. Psycho Mafia. I win.
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But if you want Christmas songs, Hark the Herald Angels Sing is as Christmassy as they get...
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Now that I think about it, "Backdrop" is indeed the best ever Fall track ("Rowche Rumble" and "The Man Whose Head Expanded" are tied for second). It was once hard to find, too; before Fall In A Hole got reissued and the Backdrop boot CD of the late 1990s featured it, aspiring fuckfaces everywhere had to settle for nth-generation dubs of this killer Fall jam.

"Who put the yellow pills/in the Gordon's gin?"
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"Marquis Cha-Cha" deserves more love than it gets. Catchiest pro-Falklands-war tune I know of.
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Listenin' to The Fall right now.

"What's the lay of the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my son?"

Great post!
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