A Very Merry (Unauthorized) Children's Scientology Pageant
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Witness the spectacle as Chicago's A Red Orchid Theater presents A Very Merry (Unauthorized) Children's Scientology Pageant, through January 17, 2010. It's time to celebrate, it's time to open up your eyes. Critics agree - it's a hit!
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this is so weird i just couldn't stop smiling. and shaking my head. thanks. i think. (no, i've decided: thanks.)
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"It's much like the traditional yuletide pageant of yore...only with aliens".

Awesome. I won't be getting to Chi-town by then but hope the best bits are posted online. It would be extra funny if the CoS brought more publicity to them by filing suits and cease-and-desist motions.
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I saw this in Venice Beach several years ago; it was fun. No free publicity from the Scientologists back then, though.

hey spellcheck doesn't recognize "scientologists" cool
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why did I italicize that? because I don't preview, that's why.
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This is actually the 4th or 5th production of the show, it's been done at least in DC, Philadelphia & LA; so the cult is well aware of it. I expect they'll do a pro-forma protest, but with everything crashing down around their ears like it is I don't think they have time for much more than that.
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These people's negative orgones must be off the charts.
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My e-meter is reading: FABULOUS!
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Does Tom Cruise uses his witchcraft to make a Merry Xenumas for all?
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