Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum!
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Sketchy Santa photos.
posted by MaryDellamorte (6 comments total)

This post was deleted for the following reason: It's not christmas until Santa orders a double. -- cortex

Wow, some of those Santas are really creepy. :(
posted by xedrik at 2:55 PM on December 24, 2009

I'm fortunate my parents always told me there was no Santa. I would have been terrified as child to go sit in some strange man's lap.
posted by MaryDellamorte at 2:56 PM on December 24, 2009

This is my favorite Santa photo though.
posted by MaryDellamorte at 3:02 PM on December 24, 2009

A double from a couple weeks ago (but I enjoyed it both times).
posted by churl at 3:02 PM on December 24, 2009

Dammit. Oh well. The URL didn't show up as being previously posted when I previewed.
posted by MaryDellamorte at 3:03 PM on December 24, 2009

The first post used the url sketchysantas.com. You used www.sketchysantas.com. Interesting. I would've thought the search function would catch things like that.
posted by nooneyouknow at 3:11 PM on December 24, 2009

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