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A forgotten gem from The Band, and a Christmas Card to all my fellow MeFites.
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here's mine... Kate Bush, "Christmas Will be Magic Again"
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I "discovered" The Band way after The Last Waltz when I bought an old cassette copy of "The Best of the Band". This was pre-internet, so there weren't many options for a curious young teen like myself to research the members of the band, their other music,and whatnot. The only other album of theirs I could find in our terrible stores in Newfoundland was Moondog Matinee, which I loved, but still, I knew there had to be more.

When I got my first CD player, I re-purchased "The Best of the Band" on CD, and was happily listening to it when something amazing happened...the CD had an extra track that was not on the cassette...I still get goosebumps remembering how excited I was to hear "Christmas Must Be Tonight", for the first time... what a bonus track it was!

Thanks timsteil, and happy holidays to everyone!
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When Rick Danko was born the angels sang, and Rick sang harmony.

Thanks for this.
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Here's one, Straight No Chaser, Who Spiked the Eggnog?
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Thanks, timsteil. I never heard that one before.
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inthe80s: To me, Kate Bush will always be Peter Gabriel's partner on Don't Give Up. As someone who was laid off four times in the early 90s, that song strikes a deep chord in me. And with the economy the way it is these days, this line really haunts me: For every job so many men, so many men no one needs.
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George Jones / Lonely Christmas Call
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When I was at the U of Ark in Fayetteville, in the early 60s, Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks owned a part interest in a place called the Rockwood Club. BYOB- under the table, paper bag, Coke setups, college freshmen playing grownup. Levon Helm was from Springdale, and so the band was sorta home town folks to us... I even jammed with them once. Then they moved up to Canada, and I lost track of em for several years. Came back to grad school and all of a sudden there was this Big Pink thing, and there they were backing Dylan..... wow.

This cut is a great Christmas Eve treat.Thanks!
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Our family listened to Music from the Big Pink while opening presents.
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I love The Band; thanks much for this treat (and drhydro, thanks for your great story).
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