Accursed be anyone who doesn't believe us!
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The Nature Theater of Oklahoma is a theater troupe from NYC.

They are putting on a new version of Romeo And Juliet at The Kitchen in Manhattan.

From Gothamist: "The script is not Shakespeare's; it's derived from hours of recorded telephone conversations of people recounting what they remember about the play, which most haven't revisited since high school. In the telling, new characters are created (like Euristhepiss, Romeo's flamboyant friend), the poetry is mangled (Where DOTH my Romeo? Juliet is the sky, and I am the sun!"), and gaps in recollection are filled with inspired invention."
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This sounds awesome. I hope I can convince my Juliet to go.
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Hey. Enough with the deceptive advertising.  'Nature Theater of Oklahoma' is actually from the Big Apple? What is it with you libertine artists today?  The band 'Architecture in Helsinki' hails from Down Under.  Do they even make videos anywhere NEAR Finland?   Hell they don't; try halfway around the GLOBE. Umm, Nirvana? Yeah right; closer to Purgatory.  And most flagrantly, 'I'm From Barcelona,' whose name is an EXPLICIT FALSEHOOD, has the nerve to hail from Sweden. SWEDEN!

Even some Canadian bands lie through their teeth.  'Tokyo Police Club?'  Sure. 'The Russian Futurists?'  Please; you're from Toronto.  And don't get me started about 'Banned From Atlantis.'

Bah. Is there no integrity in names any more? Oh well. At least I can always be proud of Boards of Canada.
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One of the members of The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma -- Zack, the guy who wrote and starred in Rambo Solo -- used to work in the same office as me. For the most part, we kept to our own pursuits, but occasionally, he word turn around and say something along the lines of, "Greg. Greg, do you know who is the superior member of Simon and Garfunkel." And I would say, "No, I don't." And he would say, "Art Garfunkel. Many people think it's Paul Simon, but no, it's Art Garfunkel." And I would say, "Oh."

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this version of Romeo and Juliet!
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