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If you're of a certain age, you might've seen Simple Gifts: 6 Heartwarming Holiday Stories on PBS in the late 70s or early 80s. Maybe you enjoyed it as much as I did, or maybe you still will.

Prologue, by Maurice Sendak.
1. A Memory of Christmas part one, part two
2. Lost And Found
3. Excerpted from Orlando, The Great Frost part one and part two
4. My Christmas, as told by a young Teddy Roosevelt
5. December 25th, 1914 (You might otherwise know this event from the video for Paul McCartney's "The Pipes of Peace.")
6. No Room At The Inn part one, part two
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oh. my. god.
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Thank you.
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Thank you for this. I'm exactly of a certain age, and the scenes of the winter carnival from the Orlando segment have been part of my dream landscape for decades now. Wonderful to actually see it again.
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You might also otherwise know this event from that much better record (with a much better video) by another Liverpool band, The Farm.

All Together Now

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