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Gott Gott Elektron "Krisma (formerly Chrisma) is an Italian musical New Wave - electronic group founded by Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser in 1976. That year, the couple moved from Milan to London to record "U" and " Amore" with the producer Nico Papathanassiou and his brother Vangelis. Their collaboration with Papathanassiou and Vangelis continued through 1978. During this time, the duo recorded the album "Chinese Restaurant." The single "Lola" entered the Top 10. During the promotional tour for Chinese Restaurant, Maurizio was known to perform a trick onstage in which he appeared to cut off his finger with a razor. The trick, referred to as a "finger job," attracted considerable press attention." Nothing To Do With The Dog::Samora Club::I'm Not In Love::
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More here at their website featuring this excellent version of White Christmas :)
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Wow, and don't miss the video for Kara.
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Great post Vronsky. There can never too much Italo on MeFi.
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Whoa. That last link is 100CC's "I'm Not In Love," and it's incredible! What a find! A gem.

Thanks for this, vronsky.
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Ahh! This is important to the milieu!

Many Kisses

Many Kisses (2009)
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it's just a silly phase . . . . . . .

. . . . .

i'm going through.

Cool post, vron!
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